I thought I would have to teach my daughter about the world; turns out I have to teach the world about her. They see a girl who doesn't speak,
I see a miracle who doesn't need words.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Zach's 10th Birthday

10.  Double Digits.  My little man is growing up way too fast for my liking.  He came into this world so easily and he's been an easy kid from day one. 
We typically have Zach's party at the pool but we decided to change things up this year (and when we woke up to thunder and pouring rain, I couldn't have been more happier that we did!)
He invited a few friends to play paint ball and race Go-Karts.
First mission was paint ball so they suited up....
...and went in for the mission briefing....
All ready to get their fire on!
(Zach and my niece Emily)
The birthday boy!
Have to say I was slightly disappointed they don't use real paint!  I was hoping for some real messy fun, but the kids LOVED it and had a great time blasting each other with the pellets!
After paintball it was off to the party room for pizza and cake.
His crew with their new paintball hats!

Cake #1 - Paintball and racing themed...

Wish #1!
My guess is he wished for as much cammo as possible!  He would tell anyone that would listen that he "was gladly accepting Bass Pro gift cards"....three years in a row that is all he has asked for.  I would say he's a bit obsessed.
And his friends definitely did not disappoint!
After presents it was off to get briefed on how to drive their go-karts.
And then it was GO TIME!!
The helmet was bigger than his head!
That was Sunday.  On to Monday, his actual birthday!
He always likes to read his cards first before opening the presents, he's so polite :)
And I think it's really safe to say he was pretty pleased with his present!!
Most kids are into video games and stuff - not mine! He loves hunting, he loves anything that has to do with hunting, all he talks about is hunting, all he wants to watch on TV is hunting.  Hunting, hunting, hunting!  He's been using his bow in the backyard to target practice on a plastic block his friend gave him to use and he spends hours out there - the target was looking really rough so we got him an actual deer target.  (Did I really just write that?!?) 
All "cammoed" out and ready to shoot his bow!

Aaron and I took him and his friend Marshall out to lunch while they acted like goof balls!

For his birthday dinner he wanted the family to come over and have a taco bar.  So that's what we did!
(oh wait....look at Daddy's shorts....you know the old apple doesn't fall far from the tree saying?!?) 
Auntie Dearest!
Cousins!  Abigail and Emily
Uncle Danny and Twila
More presents meant more cammo and more gift cards!

Time for cake #2.  Nothing says happy birthday like a cammo Duck Dynasty cake, right?!?

He was one happy boy :)


Wish #2 was probably for enough gift cards to go buy his new bow - which is what he's been saving up for!

I would say his 10th birthday was very successful!  He racked up enough gift cards that on Tuesday he got to go buy his new brand new bow....and he's been in the backyard ever since!!

Happy 10th birthday my little hunter cammo man.  You have truly been a joy since the minute you were born.  You make my heart happy and I love you to the moon and BACK!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our Busy Week

Tammy was off on vacation last week so I had the week off to run around with the kids.   Monday Zach had his final swim meet - only it started storming seconds before it began and after 4 hours the meet was called and rescheduled for Tuesday.  Tuesday night started off much the same way with storms but after an hour or so delay they finally got in the pool and finished their season.  The swim team had a great season and only lost one meet.  Zach had several qualifying times and is off to Champs tomorrow to swim in three events - so proud of him! 
For the past two years Zach's had a bump on his ear - the doctors said it was from a bite or insult that never quite healed.  It was rarely bothersome for him but he was becoming more and more self conscious about it and we had it removed last week.

He was a nervous wreck leading up to the appointment but the doctor was wonderful and once she numbed his ear he was fine.  It was made up of a lot of tiny little blood vessels  so I got a little weak in the knees once she took it off, but he did great :)

Thursday and Friday Jennifer took time off from her "real" job to come and hang out with us.  Alex was in her glory to have her friends undivided attention for a few days!  We took a fun trip to the science museum....

...and Alex went to her very first baseball game!!

My company had organized a game night for the employees and our families and it also turned out that Alex's Buddy Ball baseball team had been invited out to be on the field during the National Anthem and to have one of Alex's friends throw the first pitch out.
It was fun for everyone to be out on the field. 

...and Ms. Sassy pants was having a good time!

Half way through the time on the field I looked over and saw that Zach's ear was bleeding through his band aid.  Jennifer and I exchanged a little worrisome glance but I didn't want to make a big deal about it and freak him out but then someone else said something to him and when he touched it he realized it was coming through the band aid he got a little concerned.  As luck would have it, there was a team from Patient First right in our section - what are the odds?!?  They doctored him up right in his seat :)

Alex typically goes to bed very early - like 6PM early - the game didn't start until 7 and it was also a fireworks show so we were playing it by ear if we were going to be able to stay for the entire night based on how she was holding up. 

But she was really enjoying herself - AND, she made it all the way through her first ever fireworks show too! :)

By the time she got home and in bed it was almost 11:45!!  We spent a little while on Friday at the pool, but it took her a few days to recover :)

Friday night, thanks to an awesome birthday present from my friend Leslie, I got to unwind at the Darius Rucker concert.  I LOVE me some Darius!  Leslie got us VIP tickets so we were up close and it was an AWESOME show - and just what I needed in a night out!! 

Saturday morning we got up early and took the kids to the beach for the day.  Zach likes to metal detect so he and Aaron spent some time looking for buried treasures :)

When we first got there she was a little grumpy, but the second her toes hit the water she was all smiles, she was in her happy place.  She loves, loves, loves the water. 

She's getting way too heavy to hold up for too long of a time so we sat a chair at the edge of the water and let her toes get wet. 

She was happy!
Zach's my little fish and he was in the water the whole entire time we were there.


And Daddy had a nice nap! :)  

I don' think there is one beach trip we have taken that I do not have a picture of Alex in this very position...there is something about the beach air that completely relaxes her. 

She had one of her favorite people at one of her favorite places - it was a good day!

The beach area also had a great little playground and they had swings that were adaptable for her - how cool was that?!? 

After the playground we took a little walk out onto the pier, but Alex wasn't in the family photo kind of mood!

My boys!
I have another week off in a few weeks and Aaron will be off too so we're planning more fun outings, I love watching Zach have fun and having her experience new things!