I thought I would have to teach my daughter about the world; turns out I have to teach the world about her. They see a girl who doesn't speak,
I see a miracle who doesn't need words.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Alex!!

Saturday was Alex's 12th birthday. On Friday Aaron and I took cupcakes to her classroom.  Sadly, this is the last time we'll bring cupcakes to her at elementary school....next year she'll be in the big league and cupcakes at middle school isn't cool anymore!

She was SUPER excited to see us....and her cupcakes!  So excited she kept banging the cupcakes on her tray - making sure the icing was super messy!

She was determined to get herself a cupcake!

  Nothing makes her more happy than a good sugar rush!  Considering tasting a cupcake wasn't even an option a few years ago, she can make it as messy as she wants!

Goodbye 11....
Hello 12!!

We decided not to have a party this year and keep it real low key since we will throw a big 13th teenager party next year :) But there's still a ton of pictures to follow for my 'scrap book' purposes.
My dad's 70th birthday was this weekend as well so we had a double celebration!!  Zach decorated a poster for him so he would have his own sign too!

But Alex's decorations were all pink :)
My mother in law drove in earlier this week so we had a nice big Italian dinner, compliments of Alex's Great Aunt and Uncle's restaurant The Como Restaurant in Niagara Falls. 
After dinner it was time to celebrate both Sissy and Papa.



Alex LOVES when you sing Happy Birthday to her - something about it makes her crack up!

Then it was Papa's turn!

While the cake was getting cut the two birthday buddies had some fun together and she enjoyed her special time with her favorite man.

Then she was thrilled it was time for cake!

And of course then it's on to the presents!  I loved how engaged she was this year and how she really focused on what was going on.


With her big growth spurt this year she was in desperate need of clothes and her closet is now "restocked" thanks to everyone (thank you to Grandma and Grandpa in New York for sending her new outfits in the mail)!  She got tons of clothes from everyone and new PJ's too from Grandma Bev.

Alex loves Justin Bieber - and just the mention of his name makes her smile - so when she got a bottle of Justin Bieber hair mist, well, she was all smiles about that!

Her other favorite "guy" is Elmo - she's always loved Elmo so every time a new Elmo comes out MeMe and Papa are always on it!

He really is adorable - and she loves that he hugs and sings...he snores too when it's time for bed and she finds that quite funny too.

I think she likes her owl shirt and jeggings Uncle Shane - not to mention the outfit you picked out Aunt Dana!

Another one of Alex's favorite things is Sing Along videos....not sure what it is about the words being on the screen but she loves it - so she was very happy with her new Christmas Sing Along DVD.

We are celebrating my dad's birthday next weekend, but of course we wanted to have presents for him too!

I took 180 pictures on Saturday - I should do a post of just funny outtakes because we have so many....it was clear we had a pretty fantastic time together - everyone was all smiles and we were quite silly...one of my faves is my sister and Aaron photo bombing me and Dana :) 

Dana and Shane

 Alex and Uncle Danny
Is that a real beard Uncle Danny?!?

Aaron, Dad, Danny and Shane

 Leslie, Me, Dana and Dana (or Zach says, Aunt Dana #1 and Aunt Dana #2!)
 Bev, Leslie, me, Dana, Dana and Mom

 My sister, me and my brother

 My family :)

And my love!
Sissy with her Grandma Bev and MeMe

Zach and Uncle Danny....talking about hunting....of course :)

I can't have family photos without including Rudy :)
I'd say the birthday girl made out pretty darn good :)

Happy 12th birthday Alexandra Elizabeth Hayes.  You are one loved little girl and I hope this year is filled with many blessings for you.  Do Mommy a favor though and take it slow this year - I'm not ready for you to be a teen yet!!